Naked, 2019 - 2020

Analog photography

Pigment print on cotton paper

In the Nudes series, I take the opposite approach to Narcissus. Here there is no decor, just a naked body with no accessories. The work is the result of my body playing with the light. Using my bare body and minimal light, I’m trying to capture the authenticity of the subject.


In some photos, I merged my body with a background image of a female nude. I use my body here, not as a symbol of gender, but as a prop. Through the broken lens, I fuse two images: an ideal image of female beauty often presented in the media with the reality of a human body.


In this series, the performance aspect of the work is very important. Due to the broken lens, each movement has a radical impact on the photo, and I had to play a lot to find the right pose. Through this technic, I found a very satisfying way to make art, more direct and immediate.

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