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My work challenges how we perceive and interpret images in a society where they are omnipresent and often regarded as the medium of truth. 


In this era of post-truth and the proliferation of manipulated images, especially  through social media, our trust in the photographic image has been compromised. I intentionally broke my lens as an act of truth that acknowledges this fracture, and as an invitation for us to question this form of representation. Using myself as a subject, I explore how we construct identity and narratives through images.

Paul Vinet (b.1969) is a French-born artist who lives in Brooklyn, NY. He completed his education in Paris, earning two bachelor’s degrees: one in graphic design and photography from Académie Charpentier and one in Art History from Ecole du Louvre with a specialty in contemporary art. He continued his education, earning a master’s degree in Museum Studies, also completed at the Louvre.

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