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Paul Vinet (b.1969) is a French born artist, who lives in Brooklyn, NY. He completed his education in Paris where he earned two bachelor’s degrees, one in graphic design and photography from Academie Charpentier and one in Art History from Ecole du Louvre with a major in contemporary art and a master’s degree in Museum Studies also completed at the Louvre.


For the past 15 years, Vinet has created a body of work mixing photography and paint or gold leaf. He’s interested in the fact that facing the omnipresence of images in our society, we often lose our way of apprehending them. Giving only fragments to look at, Vinet drives the viewers to be aware of the structure and the impact of images.


He has shown in art galleries in New York, Paris, Brussels and Washington DC and at the Arthur Batut Museum in Labruguière (France).


More recently, Paul Vinet has revived part of his family history. He is the great great-grandson of Arthur Batut (1846-1918), photographer who lived in the South of France in the town of Labruguière near Toulouse. Paul founded Studio Batut in 2012 to revive the technique of Portrait Composite that Batut invented in the late XIXe century.

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