My work challenges how we perceive and interpret images in a society where they are omnipresent and often regarded as the medium of truth. I primarily work with photography and video. 


For my recent series, I intentionally broke the lens of my camera. Through it, I created distorted self-portraits, either in the nude or disguised as different personas, to explore how we construct identities and narratives in our society. The broken lens smudges the sharpness of each portrait, inviting the viewer to go beyond external appearance and reflect on their assumptions. 


Through the subversive act of breaking the lens, I want to question the medium's integrity when portraying reality nowadays.

Paul Vinet (b.1969) is a French-born artist who lives in Brooklyn, NY. He completed his education in Paris, earning two bachelor’s degrees: one in graphic design and photography from Académie Charpentier and one in Art History from Ecole du Louvre with a specialty in contemporary art. He continued his education, earning a master’s degree in Museum Studies, also completed at the Louvre.